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NightLife: Buggin' Out

Model of Orchid Mantis

Insects get a bad rap, but deserve awe and wonder! From pollinating plants to decomposing waste, insects are the foundation of the food web and crucial to thriving ecosystems. This NightLife, these hard-working, often overlooked critters take center stage as we highlight some of the world’s most fascinating bugs. Walk among butterflies in the Rainforest, peruse one-of-a-kind specimens, and delight in fantastical larger-than-life insect models in our latest exhibit: Bugs.

Sounds by STARFARI


Live Talks
Science Today

  • 7:30 PM - Flower Mantids: Friend or Faux?
    • Learn the freaky and fabulous feasting methods of a deceptive flower mimic in a live talk from Academy senior biologist, Spencer Rennerfeldt.
  • 8:30 PM - Ant-i-Social
    • Join entomology curator and Academy “Antman” Brian Fisher and artist Catherine Chalmers for a unique intersection of art and nature focused on language, ritual, and of course, ants.

Planet Bee
Wander Woods

  • 8 PM - Find out what it takes to successfully tend to a honeybee colony and get involved in the Planet Bee Citizen Science Project with a live talk from Dr. Jason Graham.
  • All Evening - Stop by to check out a live observation hive, chat with the experts from Planet Bee, and learn about the mating ritual of the queen (spoiler alert: she doesn’t use Bumble).

Buggin’ Out Showcase
6 - 10 PM

  • Get an up close look at some of the Academy's wildest specimens from our extensive Entomology collection.
  • Chat with Entomology Curator Brian Fisher and artist Catherine Chalmers about the importance of leafcutter ants and send a personal message to the Academy’s living colony in the Osher Rainforest.

Thursday, 06/02/22


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$19.25 - $17.50 depending on time

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