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Two Talks: Popping the Science Bubble - Livestream

Berkeley Tree Library

Speciation in Birds: a Time Travel

In the evergreen forest of the Pacific Northwest, two species of wood warbler that hybridize are on the brink of forming a new species. A more northern species, the Townsend’s Warbler and a more southern species, the Hermit Warbler, overlap in range and hybridize. This provides a natural laboratory for understanding the process by which new species arise. By leveraging genomic sequencing, field behavior experiments, and climate and color pigment analyses, we have uncovered the evolutionary genetic basis of speciation in these very precious wood warbler species. I will also discuss why we should treasure existing wildlife species, as speciation is a reversible and treacherous process.

Speaker: Silu Wang, UC Davis

A bird’s eye view of behavior and physiology: How zebra finches cope with stress

The environment is constantly changing. An animal’s response to environmental changes has significant ramifications on its survival and future reproduction. How do animals cope with these various changes or stressors? This talk will look at stress in the wild and will discuss the behavioral and physiological coping mechanisms birds use to deal with environmental challenges.

Speaker: Devon Comito, UC Berkeley

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Tuesday, 05/17/22


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Berkeley Public Library

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