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Trace DNA on Talons and Beaks Reveal Interactions Between Migrating Raptors and Songbirds Along the California Coast - Livestream


Every autumn, billions of birds migrate thousands of kilometers from their breeding grounds to more favorable environments. Migrations of raptors and songbirds often overlap in space and time, creating predator-prey interactions that shape behaviors and migration strategies. However, the wide-ranging movements of a migrating avian community make specific ecological interactions difficult to study. Join us to hear Ryan Bourbour discuss how a new approach that involves migration monitoring stations, eDNA techniques, and eBird can be used to study the relationship between bird-eating raptors and songbird communities along the California Coast. Using this approach, he investigates prey selection by raptors on migration and songbird traits that may influence their encounters with their hungry migrating predators.

Speaker: Ryan Bourbour, UC Davis

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Thursday, 06/09/22


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