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Battery R&D: The Strength of Electrochemistry - Supported by Analytics

Martin Winter

Results from conventional direct-current (galvanostatic) operation during charge and discharge provide important key performance indicators such cycle life, capacity retention and rate performance. Systematic and smart adaptation of this technique can reveal precious additional information and can uncover underlying operation mechanisms and possible failure sources. In parallel, chemical-analytical methods cannot only prove and validate the assumptions elaborated from electrochemical diagnostics, but is able to deliver complementary missing (“blank area”) information, beyond the possibilities of electrochemical techniques. This presentation will show selected examples of this complementary approach for high voltage/high capacity lithium ion batteries and lithium metal batteries, both being hot topics in actual battery R&D.

Speaker: Martin Winter, University of Münster

Tuesday, 05/24/22


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Shriram Center

Stanford University
Room 262
Stanford, CA 94305