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Games, Stories, and Science for Successful Public Engagement - Livestream

Katie hinde

Over the past fifty years, researchers have made extraordinary discoveries that help us to understand For tens of thousands of years, sharing knowledge about the natural world has been part of what makes us human. Indeed, humans have many adaptations for fireside storytelling, shared experiences, artistic imagery, and “jokey joke joke jokes”. And yet, too many scientists ignore the evidence and continue to inadequately blather dry facts. Such approaches do not improve scientific literacy or inspire public enthusiasm. In this lecture, Dr. Hinde presents insights from studies of human adaptations for story-telling and social learning and highlights the example of March Mammal Madness.

This program features a 45-minute live-streamed lecture by Dr. Katie Hinde followed by a 15-minute Q&A session moderated by Dr. Briana Pobiner featuring live viewer questions.

Speaker: Dr. katie Hinde, Arizona State University

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Tuesday, 06/14/22


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