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Vision + Light: Converging Senses – Day 1

October 28, 2017 @ 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm

- Free

This acclaimed program returns, featuring the convergence of art and science. Journey through ancient and modern worlds, from the nano to cosmic scale. Explore exhibits of microscopy, painting, video installations and sculpture, created by artists and scientists probing our world for deeper understanding.

Learn about ancient ceramic intrigue, explore physics and the deep sea, fold paper with an origami master, and join in fascinating conversations on science, image and creativity.

Vision + Light is presented in partnership with Science at Cal, Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, and the Bay Area Science Festival.


5:15-6:00pm “Of Earth and Fire: Ceramic Chemistry and Culture (and a Little Espionage)”
Lynne Kimura – Carmel and Howard Friesen Collections Engagement Associate and Academic Liaison
UC Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive
Michelle Douskey- Lecturer, College of Chemistry
UC Berkeley
How did Asian artisans of old create ceramics of enduring utility and beauty? What did they know, pre-modern science, about the interactions of earth and fire? And how does modern chemistry inform our understanding of their experiments and highly coveted techniques? Join us on a journey of culture, science and intrigue — from the kilns of the ancients to today’s most advanced chemistry lab.

6:30-7:15pm “Zoology – SEEC Photography at the speed of light”

Brannon Klopfer – Stanford University

Thomas Juffmann – Stanford University

SEEC is a photographic science-art project that investigates how light moves across a subject. This happens at the speed of light and within a few nanoseconds (1 nanosecond = 0.000000001 seconds). Light scattered from objects closer to the camera will be imaged earlier than those further away. Using modern technology we can literally watch light (photo-) in the process of writing (-graphy) an image.




3:00-4:15pm | Emergence: Art, Science and the Creative Process

 Ken Goldberg  Professor, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Art Practice, and the School of Information, UC Berkeley

Josh Cassidy – Lead Producer, Deep Look, Digital Media Producer, KQED Science

Lily Simonson  Fine Artist, National Science Foundation Antarctic Artist in Residence


Shannon Jackson – Associate Vice Chancellor of Arts and Design, UC Berkeley

Featured Artists


Venetie 11111100001, 2017
2017 Art + Science Visiting Artists at UC Berkeley, co-hosted by ARC and CSTMS

The recent surge of aerial imaging technologies such as satellites and drones has prompted scholarly discussions on what has come to emerge as a new visual paradigm.

In the video, Bull.Miletic imagine an alternative genealogy of 3-D flyover maps by tracing aerial proxistance from technologies of wood cut and shading techniques, conflation of perspectives, and management of triangulation principles, to contemporary image analysis, data visualization and 3D modeling. The project brings into question the entangled histories of the moving image and spatial perception, while addressing the imaginative and emotional capacities increasingly colonized by aerial imaging and networked geospatial technologies. This project was commissioned for the Research Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale.

Shari Paladino

Greg Dunn

John Macnamara

Craig Nagasawa

Benjamin Arizmendi

Chris Palmer

Philip Webster

Bernie Peyton

Elizabeth Jameson

Carlo Sequin




October 28, 2017
4:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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Li Ka Shing Center
2535 Oxford St
Berkeley, CA 94720 United States
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