UCSF Human Performance Center:  What is Biomechanics?

Come tour the UCSF Human Performance Center and experience various ways we test human movement and performance.  After a tour of the lab you can participate in testing your own force, balance and power.

Wonders of the Parasite World

Visitors will have the opportunity to hear about parasites (worms and protozoa) that infect humans and the chance to see them under a microscope.  They will also hear about the ongoing research to learn more about the biology of the parasite and to develop new drugs to treat people.

Exploring the Deep Frontier with DOER Marine

Visit the DOER facility where underwater robotics, submersibles, and subsea systems are designed, engineered, built, and tested before being deployed on missions around the world.

Behind the Scenes at the Aquarium of the Bay

Get an insider’s look at what goes on Behind the Scenes at Aquarium of the Bay. Traverse the catwalk above our tanks. Learn about our dive operations. Find out how we care for 20,000 marine animals. And more!