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Static and Dynamic Control of Topological Matter

Understanding materials based on their underlying topological order has caused a paradigm shift in condensed matter physics in how we classify and describe emergent phenomena in systems. Controlling and engineering these exotic orders is key for next-generation electronics and topological quantum computers. In this talk, I will discuss how the interplay of real and reciprocal space topological order can provide tunable topological phases in a class of multiferroics called the hexagonal manganites[1,2]. Using first-principles calculations and Landau theory, I will describe how the multiferroic orders in these compounds give rise to tunable topological defects and nodal-line semimetals[3,4]. Finally I will discuss how the ultrafast control of topological phases can be achieved by the targeted probing of symmetry-breaking phonons[5].

Speaker: Sinead Griffin, Material Science Division and Molecular Foundry, Berkeley Lab

Monday, 09/30/19


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