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Not just ancestry: 23andMe and genomic research

While most people are familiar with 23andMe's commercial products such as sequencing of DNA to determine ancestry, many do not realize that the company has the largest re-contactable research database of genotypic and phenotypic information in the world. More than eight million 23andMe customers have consented to participate in research and have contributed over two billion phenotypic data points via surveys. Their contributions have contributed to 130+ peer reviewed publications on wide variety of topics, from wellness and behavior, to diseases or chronic conditions. Jennifer McCreight, Ph.D. will talk about how 23andMe's unique research model works and highlight some of the genetic discoveries we have made by inviting customers to participate in research.

Jennifer McCreight is the Science Communication Program Manager at 23andMe. In this role she oversees the outward communication of 23andMe research studies, develops educational resources about genetics, and manages their collegiate Genetics Club program. She earned her PhD in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington, where she studied the evolution of microRNA in primates and was a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow.

Gather at 2:30 for a meet and greet.  The lecture will begin at 3:00.  Everyone is welcome.

Saturday, 09/07/19


Jim Barnett

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