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For Future Reference: Reckoning with the Ethics of Technology

Institute for the Future (IFTF) and the podcast Reckonings invite you to join Reckonings producer Stephanie Lepp, Moment CEO Tim Kendall, and IFTF Digital Intelligence Lab research manager Katie Joseff, at IFTF for a conversation about the ethical decisions behind the technology in our lives. We’ll explore questions like:

  • How do we change our hearts and minds?

  • What moved an architect of Facebook’s business model to grapple with the impact of what he built?

  • What ethical guidelines can we follow in order to not regret the tools we build?

Stephanie will interview Tim about his story, as told in Reckonings episode #25: Beyond Goliath. Then Katie will introduce IFTF's EthicalOS as a framework for anticipating the future impact of today’s technology. To close, we’ll do some ‘ethical anticipating’ of our own - exploring how we might apply EthicalOS in our own professional lives.

The evening will be an interactive exploration of how to renegotiate our relationship with technology, from the personal to the organizational scale.

*Note: the event starts at 6:30pm sharp, so please arrive with enough time to find parking and grab a seat.

Thursday, 09/26/19


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