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Don't Be Evil or How Big Tech Lost Its Soul

"Don’t be evil." This phrase was written into Google’s code of conduct during the early days of the company. It was meant to guide employees’ actions as they built a tool used by millions in the hopes of making the world better. However, in 2018 the company quietly and seemingly overnight removed the slogan from their code of conduct. What are the bigger implications of this change for how tech companies operate? How did we get to the point where big tech dominates the world so completely?

Rana Foroohar, Global Business Columnist at The Financial Times and Global Economic Analyst at CNN, makes the argument that Google, which used to be idealistic, seeing its product as a way to build a utopian future in which technology inevitably makes the world more connected, safer, and more prosperous, is now threatening society. Of course, Google is not alone in losing its way. Facebook, Amazon, and Apple are also affecting both democracy and the economy in ways that few predicted.

Foroohar’s new book Don’t Be Evil documents how big tech lost its soul, becoming the new Wall Street scandal, and looks at the extent to which the FAANGs (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) threaten democracies, livelihoods and our thinking. Join Foroohar for a conversation not only about how this happened but also to understand how to resist the powers of big tech by creating a framework that fosters innovation while also protecting the public from the dark side of digital technology.

Tuesday, 12/03/19


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