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The Antarctic and Climate Change: Exploration Above and Below the Surface - Livestream

Please join us for our second Kraw lecture focused on climate change. Dan Costa, distinguished professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and director of the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, share how the changing climate is associated with a reduction in true Antarctic species like Adélie and emperor penguins and crabeater seals, while sub-antarctic species like elephant seals and chinstrap penguins are becoming more common. Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Slawek Tulaczyk will share with us how the Antarctic glaciological community is evaluating how much and how fast the Antarctic ice sheet will shrink in response to climate change, particularly the Thwaites Glacier. Join us as we learn more about the UCSC glaciology research group, which is leading one of the large research projects aimed at understanding the current behavior and projecting the future evolution of Thwaites Glacier.

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Wednesday, 01/27/21


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