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Science on Tap: Using Genetic Tools to Understand the Master Regulator: The Spliceosome - Livestream

Did you know that the DNA in your body is inert and “silent”? Your cells require a constant stream of instructions to tell them what to do next, but the genetic information they need is locked away in DNA. The only way that the information in your genes is “expressed” is in a similar molecule called RNA. Did you know that every RNA message that comes from your genes gets edited by a molecular machine called the spliceosome, and most of your genetic information gets left on the cutting room floor? Wow! Come learn about the master regulator of all master regulators, the spliceosome, and learn how I’m using the awesome power of genetics to understand the functioning of this fascinating molecular machine.

Speaker: Messie Lopez, UC Santa Cruz

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Wednesday, 02/24/21


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Science on Tap

, CA