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Grey Water and Wetlands: The EcoCenter’s Wastewater Treatment System


The EcoCenter is an off the grid, self-sustaining educational facility and recreational center. It features a wastewater treatment system, a living roof, interior construction based from recycled materials, and a solar panel system. Our programs focus on educating the public about the EcoCenter’s Green Features and exploring environmental justice themes through the history of the Bayview-Hunters Point.

Tour the EcoCenter, explore the on-site waste water treatment system, and learn about the history of the park from its start as a shipping terminal to restored wetland habitat. Help with habitat restoration by transplanting native salt grass to help restore the native wetland and provide habitat for migratory birds.

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Saturday, 04/30/22


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EcoCenter at Heron's Head Park

32 Jennings Street
San Francisco, CA 94124