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How the brain maintains homeostasis, from thirst to aging

William Allen trained in both molecular and systems neuroscience as a Ph.D. student at Stanford’s Interdepartmental Neurosciences Program, Dr. Allen plans to use state-of-the-art spatial transcriptomics, systematic CRISPR-based in vivo screen, and imaging to identify the mechanisms underlying brain aging and neurodegeneration at the level of cells, tissues, and organisms. He is currently a Junior Fellow of Harvard Society of Fellows, where he initiated research on brain aging.

Editor's Note: As we list this, Stanford has this event scheduled for Sunday, January 29.  This seminar series is usually held on Tuesdays, so it is unlikely that this date is correct.  We will correct our listing if we find the date changed, but if we still have it listed as Sunday and you wish to attend, verify with Stanford's weblink that the date is still the same.

Sunday, 01/29/23


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James H. Clark Center (Bldg 340)

Stanford University
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