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AI For Good” Isn’t Good Enough: A Call for Human-Centered AI

James Landay

AI for Good initiatives recognize the potential impacts of AI systems on humans and societies. However, simply recognizing these impacts is not enough. To be truly Human-Centered, AI development must be user-centered, community-centered, and societally-centered. User-centered design integrates techniques that consider the needs and abilities of end users, while also improving designs through iterative user testing. Community-centered design engages communities in the early stages of design through participatory techniques. Societally-centered design forecasts and mediates potential impacts on a societal level throughout a project. Successful Human-Centered AI requires the early engagement of multidisciplinary teams beyond technologists, including experts in design, the social sciences and humanities, and domains of interest such as medicine or law, as well as community members. In this talk I will elaborate on my argument for an authentic Human-Centered AI.

Speaker: James Landay, Stanford University

Room 126

Tuesday, 01/31/23


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Margaret Jacks Hall (Bldg 460)

Stanford University
450 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305

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