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SCVAS Learn: Warblers 2023 - Part 1 - Rare and Regular - Livestream

The fall migration of Warblers is an exciting event for birders. It can also daunting because many of these tiny tree-top insectivores lack the distinctive breeding plumage that makes them so memorable. How do we sort through the many similar features and identify the individuals we find? Why are there so many species on our checklist which (according to the range maps) shouldn’t be here at all? In this three-part presentation, instructor Matthew Dodder will guide you through the basic (and not-so-basic) challenges of our “confusing Fall Warblers”. We will discuss places to go to find Warblers, what marks and behaviors to watch for, and how to enjoy some of the most confusing and enigmatic migrants of the fall season.

Fee covers all three sessions

Monday, 09/18/23


Website: Click to Visit


$100 General, $75 Members

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Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society

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