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Second Chances for Sea Otters - Livestream


As part of The Marine Mammal Center’s Sea Otter Awareness Week 🦦 celebrations, our experts will be LIVE on Facebook and YouTube sharing their knowledge and experience with the smallest marine mammal. Text JOIN to 65179 to receive a reminder text with an event link. With over 25 years of work with southern sea otters - a threatened species - The Marine Mammal Center has provided many animals with a second chance at life and expanded overall knowledge of threats this species faces, which informs how we can better protect this population 🌊 From rehabilitating sick and injured animals to monitoring them in the wild, hear from Dr. Cara Field and Dr. Jeff Boehm as they explore the intricacies of sea otter conservation and the potential reintroduction of this population back to their historical range.

Monday, 09/25/23


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