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Quack Quack: The Threat of Pseudoscience - Livestream

We are in a crisis. A tsunami of misinformation and disinformation is threatening to engulf evidence-based science. While quackery ― loosely defined as the spread of false “knowledge,” often accompanied by various versions of “snake oil” ― is not a novel phenomenon, it has never posed as great a threat to public health as it does today.

Bestselling author Dr. Joe Schwarcz will discuss his latest book, Quack Quack: The Threat of Pseudoscience. Professor Schwarcz has been battling flimflam for decades, and in Quack Quack he focuses on the deluge of anecdotes, cherry-picked data, pseudoscientific nonsense, and seductive baseless health claims that are undermining efforts to educate the public about evidence-based science. It’s a life preserver for a world that’s drowning in a sea of misinformation.

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Thursday, 03/02/23


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