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'Climate Capitalism - Winning the Race to Zero Emissions and Solving the Crisis of Our Age'

Akshat Rathi

Our age will be defined by the climate emergency. But contrary to the doomist narrative that’s taken hold, the world has already begun deploying the solutions needed to deal with it.

On a journey across five continents, Climate Capitalism tracks the unlikely heroes driving the fight against climate change. From the Chinese bureaucrat who did more to make electric cars a reality than Elon Musk, to the Indian entrepreneur showing how to deploy solar on a tight budget, or the American oil executive building the technology that can reverse climate damage, we meet the people working to scale technologies that are finally able to bend the emissions curve.

Through stories that bring people, policy, and technology together, Akshat Rathi reveals how the green economy is not only possible but profitable. This inspiring blend of business, science, and history provides the framework for ensuring that future generations can live in prosperity and that the wheels of progress don’t falter.

Speaker: Akshat Rathi, Bloomberg News; James Temple, MIT Technology Review

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Saturday, 07/20/24


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