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Black Holes through the Kaleidoscope - How we study black holes & the galaxies they live in - Livestream

Krista Lynne Smith

Supermassive black holes are the most powerful persistent sources of energy in the Universe. They power the emission of radiation in every waveband that humans have learned to study, from long, low-energy radio waves to blistering gamma rays. Humans have learned to study these immense, mysterious objects using instruments designed to detect light at all of these wavelengths, as well as how that light varies over time as black holes consume matter and expel energy. Find out how worldwide efforts using instruments on Earth and in space, along with the development of the field of time domain astrophysics, have allowed us to build a dynamic, multicolor, multifaceted image of black holes that helps explain their bizarre physics and the powerful effects they have on the galaxies that host them.

Speaker: Krista Lynne Smith, Southern Methodist University

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Tuesday, 10/06/20


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