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Histories of Communicating Science Beyond the Recent West - Livestream

We are often told science communication originated alongside professionalised science in Western Europe a few hundred years ago. Yet cultures all over the world and throughout time developed unique conventions for communicating their knowledge within their own societies and with others.

This webinar will discuss how we might rethink science communication histories to be more cross-culturally diverse and inclusive, without losing sight of cultures’ unique approaches to knowledge communication.

Our four exceptional speakers will draw on examples from across the world, including pūrākau that communicate mātauranga Māori, medieval European and Arabic pharmaceutical works, ancient Persian water science, and astronomical knowledge in the cuneiform world of Babylonia and Assyria.

Ngā rāwekeweke o Ngātoroirangi - The exploits of Ngātoroirangi: Multiple ways of Knowing

Speaker: Daniel Hikuroa

Arabic Pseudonyms and the “Princes of Medicine:” Conventions of Authorship in Pharmaceutical Texts of Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Speaker: Paula De Vos, San Diego State University

Communicating by doing: Communicating sustainability in Persia

Speaker: Ehasn Nabavi, Australian National University

Not a Less Perfect Version: Astronomical Knowledge in Cuneiform Antiquity

Speaker: Francesca Rochberg, UC Berkeley

Moderator: Lindy Orthia, Australian National University

Tuesday, 12/01/20


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