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A tale of two intercalated TMDs - Livestream

Antiferromagnetic spintronics holds the potential to enable faster computing with lower energy requirements, although two major hurdles are the difficulty of manipulating and reading out details of antiferromagnetic order. FexNbS2 is an ising-like antiferromagnet for which these hurdles have been overcome. Its sister compound, CoxNbS2, is similar to FexNbS2 in many ways, including its spintronic capabilities - but it is an easy-plane rather than easy-axis antiferromagnet, and, due to the dominance of RKKY in this class of materials, has different sets of exchange constants as well. As we continue to explore the landscape of intercalated transition metal dichalcogenides for their next-generation technological capabilities, these two materials stand out for their similarities and their differences. What can we learn from the properties and behaviors that remain the same when some of the microscopic interactions driving them have changed? This talk will discuss recent discoveries regarding these two materials, coming from both an applications-oriented and a materials science-oriented perspective.

Speaker: Shannon Haley, UC Berkeley

Attend in person or online.  See weblink for Zoom information.

Monday, 04/04/22


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UC Berkeley Condensed Matter Physics Seminar

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