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Introduction to Microgrids - Livestream

Most consumers receive their electricity via complex electrical grids containing multiple elements of generation and large transmission and distribution networks. In more highly developed and populated parts of the world, consumers expect their electricity to be delivered continuously and reliably. Disruptions do occur for various reasons, and with significantly negative social, economic, and public safety impacts. In addition, electricity as a scarce resource can become very costly depending on factors such as tipeak demand and time of use. In lesser populated and/or more remote locations, electrical grids do not exist, and localized solutions are required.

This lecture will discuss Microgrids as a solution to some of the challenges highlighted above. We will explore definition of microgrid; types of microgrids; main elements of microgrids including DERs and DERMS; and review use case and value proposition examples. We will also explore how some of the steps required to design a microgrid and discuss some of the tools used.

Speaker: Bob Salter, Energy Systems Consultant

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Thursday, 02/02/23


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Sonoma State Engineering Colloquium

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