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Human-Centered Design for VR Training - Livestream

Jason Jerald

Design for impactful VR training is an incredibly complex challenge. When done well, VR training can result in more efficient workers, decreased injuries, and cost savings. However, if done badly, VR training can result in confused workers, wasted funds, and negative training effects causing more harm than benefit. Whereas limitations of technology can cause bad VR execution, problems are oftentimes caused by a lack of understanding your target audience, illy defined goals, and insufficient feedback.

This talk focuses on designing for training results where VR can add the most value. It discusses the importance of communicating with your target audience, challenges of different types of training, using Kirkpatrick’s model to define and evaluate training, building simple prototypes, gathering feedback, and iterating towards successful training programs. The tutorial is for VR creators and stakeholders that are seeking insight on how to define, design, and evaluate impactful training.

Speaker: Jason Jerald, NextGen Interactions

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Wednesday, 03/15/23


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