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Exoplanet Watch: Inviting Citizen Scientists to Observe Transiting Exoplanets - Livestream

Join exoplanet astronomer Rob Zellem, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, as he discusses how we find and characterize exoplanets, planets outside of our own Solar System, with the ultimate goal of detecting signatures of life. He will also discuss current and near future ground- and space-based missions, such as NASA’s Hubble, TESS, and James Webb space telescopes, and a new citizen science project called Exoplanet Watch, which features amateur astronomers conducting observations of exoplanets to help use these resources more efficiently and to discover new planets. He will also cover near-future missions, such as NASA’s next flagship mission, the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope and its Coronagraph Instrument, which will take photographs of exoplanets and will establish the technologies needed for the next generation of NASA missions that will be designed to discover alien life.

Speaker: Rob Zellem, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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Saturday, 03/25/23


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