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Ethernet @ 50

On May 22, 1973, a young researcher at Xerox PARC named Bob Metcalfe sent a memo outlining his concept for connecting the research center’s computers. He called it Ethernet and teamed up with hardware wizard Dave Boggs to make it real. Fifty years later, Ethernet connects us all - to each other and to the global internet. We take for granted how much Ethernet and its offshoot Wi-Fi have transformed our world.    

So, how exactly did Ethernet come to life? And how did an unorthodox standard for local connections triumph over competitors backed by IBM and other leading firms? Ethernet’s path was far from smooth, and it offers lessons for innovation and entrepreneurship today. We’ll also explore the impact of Ethernet and look at what’s next as ever-higher bandwidths and multiplying connections unlock future opportunities. Join us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the defining technologies of our time. 

What You’ll Experience 

  • Hear stories from coinventor of Ethernet Bob Metcalfe and networking pioneers about the creation and development of Ethernet 
  • Discover how entrepreneurs and executives turned Ethernet into a dynamic global industry 
  • Attend a special live recording of The Vergecast, the flagship podcast of The Verge, focused on key contemporary network issues from net neutrality to closing the digital divide.

Monday, 05/22/23


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Computer History Museum

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