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SCVAS Learn: Shorebirds 2023 - Livestream

Shorebird carving

Each summer, millions of Arctic breeding Shorebirds leave their northern nesting grounds and make their way toward southern wintering grounds. In Santa Clara County, we have many locations where dense clouds of these magnificent birds can be seen and admired as they arrive for the season. Others simply pass through on their way further south. Each species is truly unique yet identifying them can often be a challenge especially when they shed their colorful breeding plumage. Join SCVAS Executive Director, Matthew Dodder for an online class focusing on Santa Clara County’s diverse Shorebirds. Learn how to differentiate between the confusing “Peeps” and how to spot juvenile birds within the crowded flocks. We will dive first into the common species found here, and them move on to the rarer visitors and the challenges they present to birders. This class was first offered in 2021 and has been updated.

This is a three session class. See weblink

Monday, 08/07/23

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