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Psychology of Religion: Part 1 Evolution of Religion - Livestream

In The Evolution of Religion, Dr. Sarah Strand will discuss why religion has been present in human society since the dawn of mankind. The theory of natural selection, which was developed by Charles Darwin and is the principle on which genetic evolution is based, will provide a springboard for a description of the evolution of ideas, culture, and religion. Next, Sarah will discuss the psychological origins of religion, showing that human brains are built to believe in the supernatural. Sarah will conclude the presentation with evidence of how religion has “survived” by expanding and adjusting to changes in culture, a.k.a. its “environment.”

Dr. Sarah Strand created her course Psychology of Religion for California State University Sacramento after speaking for 10 years to community groups around Northern California and Nevada.

Part 2: November 4, 2023

Part 3: February 3, 2024

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Saturday, 08/05/23


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