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Generative AI: Race, Art, and Power

From ChatGPT, DALL-E, Bard, and Midjourney, the use of AI as a creative tool has increased dramatically both from technological breakthroughs and a flood of new users. Users and researchers have offered both praise and criticism - about the veracity of AI-generated art, race and gender bias engrained in these systems, and the exploitation of work from marginalized groups within training data.

Join three dynamic experts to expand on these themes and to facilitate discussions about generative AI and its effects at the intersections of race, art, and power.

Sessions will explore questions such as:

  • Who suffers most when it comes to the potential replacement of working artists and writers?
  • How is knowledge created through the use of generative AI? Whose work gets to be remembered?
  • Who speaks and who listens; who is at the table when it comes to conversations surrounding art and generative AI?
  • Is AI-generated art high-art or low-art? Can it be considered “art” at all? What can be considered creativity?
  • What does the future landscape look like for activism in the problem space of generative AI?

Speaker: Tara Kola, Adobe


Thursday, 09/14/23


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