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Odd Salon: Colossal

Stories of immense accomplishments and stupendous feat, the outsized and the enormous, massive monoliths and the superbly superlative


Juliana Brodsky ~ Boats, Trains and Automobiles: 1908 New York-Paris Race

Steen Comer ~ John Locke Likes This: How the Republic of Letters Revolutionized Knowledge

Michael Escobar â€" The Jazz Cathedral: Sam Rodia and the Watts Towers

Avani Gadani ~ Cyclopes and Dragons and Whales: the Origins of Ancient Monsters

Eva Galperin ~ I Like Big Buddhas and I Cannot Lie

Elizabeth Joyce ~ Drifting Apart: How Alfred Wegener’s Theory of Pangaea Upended Geology

Ages 21+

Tuesday, 02/06/24


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$20 General, Members discounted

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