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Sunset Science: Searching For Planets

Enjoy a warm summer evening of activities and stargazing on Chabot’s stunning Observation Deck! Learn about stellar concepts with special demonstrations, activities and more. When the Sun goes down, the stars come out for exploring the cosmos through historic telescopes.

Graze while you gaze! Food, wine and beer will be available for purchase on-site.

Learn about planets around other stars in the universe called exoplanets and how scientists use tools to look for them. Enter the Exoplanet zone where you will use your imaging to create your own planet, perform experiments with frozen icy orbs to learn why astrobiologists are interested in water worlds and their potential for life. Julia DeMarines will return for an encore performance of Space in Your Face, a life science and comedic performance that pushes the boundaries of science futurism and reality. Chabot’s Lisa Hoover will thrill audiences with a special performance of Planet Hunter.

Planet Hunter

A comical and clueless Planet Hunter learns about the search for extrasolar planets from two savvy FBI agents in this short multimedia-enhanced performance. In this live interactive family theater show you will learn:
1. The difference between stars and planets
2. The differences between solar systems and galaxies
3. That extra-solar planets have been discovered and explore the transit method of discovery
4. That the search for life on extra-solar planets begins with finding Earth-like planets - rocky and water-supporting.

Please enter via the observation deck. Advance purchase only.

Sunday, 07/31/22


Website: Click to Visit


$15 General, $5 Youth, Members Free

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