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Pint of Science Festival - San Francisco

Ever wanted to learn science without the difficult jargon? How about talking to a scientist over a beer? Because we could all agree that learning science is morefunwith a cold pint in your hand.

Meet your face mites: a story of discovery, evolution and intrigue

Right now, deep in your pores, 8-legged creatures are happily making your face their home. Our face mites are perhaps our closest companions, yet we know very little about them. But as we learn more, it seem that our mites may offer us a glimpse into our own evolutionary past. What do they look like? Where did they come from? Are you sure that I have them? Come get the answers to all your face mite questions!

Speaker: Michelle Trautwein, California Academy of Sciences

Imagine: How creativity emerges from a flawed brain

Our brains are poorly designed to record the past, make rational decisions and perceive the world as it is. That's why we fall prey to cons, why we hold onto false beliefs despite contradictory evidence and why we're suckers for a good story. But these system flaws are also what arguably underlies every one of our greatest achievements: our ability to imagine.

Speaker: Indre Viskontas, UC San Francisco

Combine that with science rapping by a former Stanfordite Tom McFadden and the science of beer by a Chemistry professor by day, brewer by night Zerubba Levi to close it off!

Wednesday, 05/25/16


Egle Cekanaviciute

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