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Quantifying Quality of Life of SmartphoneCentric via HumanCentric Methods - Online Event

Patterns of diseases are changing; they relate less and less to sudden infections or crippling accidents, and on a growing scale they develop as slow and debilitating afflictions caused by repetitive harmful behaviors (e.g., poor nutrition). These behaviors relate to different domains - the physical, psychological, social and environmental - and contribute significantly to the individual’s overall health and Quality of Life (QoL) in the long term.

In parallel, the ubiquitous availability of personalized, miniaturized mobile and wirelessly connected technologies embedded in smartphones and wearables enable longitudinal, real-life minimally obtrusive assessments of the individual’s behaviors, modelling of his/her health risks and the resulting QoL in the long term. A smartphone is eventually becoming smarter, taking the role of a personal agent of behavioral change, impacting individual lives.

The QoL lab emphasizes research on overall health and life quality and it focuses on a robust, reproducible and evidence-based modelling approach based on reliable, privacy-preserving research infrastructure, leveraging a “Living Lab” to capture ‘small personal data’ acquired throughout everyday life via an individual’s smartphone and wearables. The chosen models integrates a mix of theoretical components coming from computer science (pattern recognition, machine learning, deep learning, computational sensing, artificial intelligence) and theories and models from social and behavioral sciences and preventive medicine.

Speaker: Katarzyna Wac, Univ. of Copenhagen

This event was originally scheduled on March 16, 2020

Wednesday, 05/20/20


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