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Stanford Energy Seminar: Building to city-scale experiments with Stanford's campus - Livestream

Jackues de Chalendar

Equivalent to a small city of 30,000, the Stanford campus is an ideal environment for testing new research ideas and concepts. This talk will discuss results from recent “Living Lab” experiments with building Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems on the Stanford campus in the context of the COOLER Research Program. COOLER’s goal is to make large, modern buildings more energy-efficient, flexible, low carbon, and resilient using data, optimization, and control. More broadly, this talk will discuss research and experiments with enhanced operations for electrified, low-carbon, and integrated urban energy systems. For the past 5+ years, our team has been working on these topics in direct partnership with Stanford Land, Buildings, and Real Estate, the organization responsible for managing the campus’s energy operations.

Speaker: Jacques de Chalendar is a Visiting Scholar in the Energy Resources Engineering department at Stanford University.

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Monday, 04/04/22


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Stanford Energy Seminar

, CA