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Natural Dyes: colors from water, chemistry, and the plants around


Plants have a long history of being used to make pigments. The plants used to make the colors, and the chemicals used to set the colors on the fabric have changed a lot over time and these changes were often connected to big events in human history. We will explain some of the ways natural dyes are made and talk about the science behind the process. We’ll also show you how we use these processes to do some dying of our own and see this chemistry in action! Exhibited around the space there will be lots of textiles we’ve dyed with various natural dyes so you can see for yourself what the starting materials and results of this dye process can be. You’ll see fabrics dyed with things you see every day, like avocado pits and eucalyptus leaves. We’ve found it exciting and a little surprising sometimes to see these colors coming from plants we see every day, so join us and see for yourself!

The presentation (7-8PM) will be followed by a chance to roam the exhibited dyed textiles and talk to the speakers.

Friday, 04/29/22


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Atlas Cafe

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