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LASER Event - Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence - Livestream

laserWe invited Yi Zeng, one of China's top scholars in A.I. to discuss the state of Artificial Intelligence, in particular three topics that he has been researching: brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence, harmonious Artificial Intelligence principles, philosophy and ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Yi Zeng is a Professor and Deputy Director at Research Center for Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence, and Director of the China-UK Research Centre for AI Ethics and Governance, both at the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is a board member for the National Governance Committee of Next Generation Artificial Intelligence, Ministry of Science and Technology China. He is the Director for the Research Center on AI Ethics and Sustainable Development, Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence. He is an expert in the UNESCO Adhoc Expert Group on AI Ethics. He is the lead drafter of Beijing Artificial Intelligence Principles, Harmonious AI Principles, and one of the major drafters for the National Governance Principles of New Generation Artificial Intelligence, China. He founded the Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development Goals (AI4SDGs) Cooperation Network. His major research interests focus on Brain-inspired Artificial Intelligence models, Artificial General Intelligence, AI Safety, Ethics, and Governance.

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Thursday, 09/17/20


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