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Air Transportation Redux (Redux: Brought back; revived.) - Livestream

Ilan Kroo

Air transportation and aircraft design, after it recovers from the current pandemic shock, is likely to be different from what it was just a short time ago. This talk will begin with a summary of potential near-term changes to our air travel experience, and continue with a longer-range view of future aircraft, including those designed for fewer passengers and sub-regional route structures. Urban and inter-urban air mobility concepts promise efficient air travel, over many segments now dominated by ground transportation. Hundreds of start-up companies and more mature companies, such as Boeing and Bell, Airbus and Hyundai, are working to make this vision a reality. Our discussion will highlight current research and technology advances in electric propulsion, autonomous flight control, energy storage, and system modeling that will be key to the environmentally-sustainable reinvention of air transportation.

Speaker: Ilan Kroo

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Thursday, 09/17/20


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