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Sea Level Rise, Extreme Water Levels, and Coastal Erosion How Bad Could It Be? - Livestream

Sea level rise will radically redefine the coastline of the 21st century. For many regions, projections of the global rise of up to 2 meters by the year 2100, are comparable to the short-lived extremes we experience now due to storms. The 21st century will see significant changes to coastal flooding regimes, as present-day, extreme-but-rare events become common. This poses a major risk to the safety and sustainability of coastal communities worldwide. A number of related coastal hazards, such as beach and cliff erosion, are also expected to accelerate. For example, one-third to two-thirds of Southern California beaches may disappear by 2100.  

Please join Sean Vitousek to learn more about sea level rise, extreme water levels, and coastal erosion, and how he uses a combination of observations and modeling to help understand and predict coastal change. Preregister for the online Science Sunday webinar HERE.

Sunday, 05/17/20


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Seymour Science Center

, CA