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After Dark Online: Celestial - Rising Tides - Livestream

In December and January, San Francisco Bay will see king tides, extreme tides caused by three colliding factors: the sun and moon aligning - a full moon - while both are at their closest points to Earth. However, the sea level in the Bay is constantly rising, and today’s king tides could be tomorrow’s regular high tides. Learn more about king tides and how sea level rise will impact the Bay Area, as well as how local groups are planning for shifting shorelines and envisioning a more resilient future.

The movements and mechanics of the planets, moons, and stars create awesome effects for us observers on earth. Predictable yet coincidental, these cycles among the stars lead to gravitational bulges, lunar alignments, and a turnaround of apparent motion. Join us this month as we explore these effects as opportunities for wonder and harbingers of future change.

Ages 18+

Thursday, 12/03/20


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