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Energy Futures: Smart Grids - Livestream

University of Applied Sciences in Engineering and Management of the Canton Vaud (HEIG-VD) share their research and discuss how we might face the complexity of future supply and demand of energy sources with three focused areas of research.

Mauro Carpita and Mokhtar Bozorg at HEIG-VD’s new Reine laboratory test these control methods for smart grids, power electronics, and smart meter devices. They present how the transition away from fossil fuels as the main carrier of energy transforms the way the grid functions.

Pierryves Padey from the Thermal Engineering Institute at HEIG-VD, presents his research around new approaches and business models for energy management.

Massimiliano Capezzali, the Head of the Energy Competence Center at HEIG-VD, speaks  about the new planning tools that manage the complexity of energy supply and demand dynamics.

Their research cumulatively looks at how to decarbonize the energy footprint of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, which often have fossil-powered and/or inefficient energy consuming heating and cooling systems and appliances. Tackling how to use “demand side management” to more efficiently control energy use “behind the meter” and turn buildings into a flexibility asset that can help avoid use of fossil-”peaker plants” (gas turbines or gas engines that burn natural gas), or nuclear-based production (which the country is now phasing out since a governmental decision in the days following Fukushima’s accident) is key. As renewable energy becomes cheaper and more prolific, managing the volatility it introduces into the grid when it comes from “prosumers” on the distribution end of the grid is a crucial challenge. Finally, the research addresses how best to control and further modernize the grid, to make it smart, energy- and carbon-efficient.

Additional speakers TBA.

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Monday, 12/07/20


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