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NightSchool: Moths & Butterflies - Livestream


NightSchool dedicates a night to Lepidoptera, the order of insects that include the very recognizable, (often) colorful, scale-winged moths and butterflies.


  • Explore specimens from the vaults of the Academy’s vast entomology collection with collection manager Chris Grinter. He’ll show you a wide range of audience favorites, from extinct species to some of the largest, the smallest, and the most bizarre moths and butterflies.
  • Did you know that moths have an impressive array of anti-bat defenses to help them evade these nocturnal hunters? Dr. Akito Kawahara, Curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History, shares how tiger moths, hawkmoths, and luna moths use strategies like acoustic jamming and alarm warning calls to protect themselves from these predators.
  • Peter Soroye, PhD student at the University of Ottawa, talks about the global challenges facing important wild pollinators like butterflies and bees. Join Peter as he explores some of the reasons that these important and beautiful animals are disappearing, and some of the secrets of how you can help save them.

Ages 21+

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Thursday, 01/21/21


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