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Hardcore Natural History: Sea Level Rise in Southern Monterey Bay: Process, Protection, and Habitat Impact - Livestream

Join us as we speak to Dr. Doug Smith, a professor in the Applied Environmental Science Department at CSU Monterey Bay. Doug’s recent research projects include using drone photogrammetry and other precise survey technology to quantify annual and catastrophe-driven landscape change.

Global sea level rose nearly 400 feet in the past 18,000 years. In response, the coastline of southern Monterey Bay eroded 10 miles east to its present position. Coastal erosion continues unabated today under the combined stress of winter storm waves, high tides, and rising sea level. Sea level rise predictions indicate that coastal erosion will accelerate in the near future. Given that information, we will consider what will happen to beach habitat - home to plovers, killdeer, and a host of wading shorebirds. What does the future hold for our homes, hotels, and roads that were built close to the shore? We will explore these difficult topics in the context of the natural variability of sea level, typical management responses, and anticipated environmental impacts of management choices.

Speaker: Dr. Doug Smith, Cal State University, Monterey Bay

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Thursday, 02/25/21


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Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History

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