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Large area Weak Lensing and the LSST Camera - Livestream

Weak gravitational lensing of the light from distant galaxies is a powerful tool for mapping the total matter distribution of the Universe, although measurement of the effect faces many subtle and challenging issues.  Detecting the coherent shape distortion of weak lensing requires high-quality imaging and precise measurements. Ongoing and forthcoming surveys collect weak lensing data for very large areas of the sky.  The Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam is one of the current leading imagers for deep, large-area surveys.  I was active in the development of Hyper Suprime-Cam and completed its commissioning. Using the images taken during commissioning, I conducted several weak lensing projects.  I developed techniques to reduce the systematic error in weak lensing mass maps and verified the resultant mass maps by correlating them with dense spectroscopic surveys. Weak lensing measurements together with dense spectroscopy form a foundation for continuing advances in precision cosmology to constrain the distribution of dark matter and the nature of dark energy.  I will discuss my work on the Vera Rubin Observatory's LSST Camera as a step toward obtaining high-quality weak lensing data over the entire southern sky.

Speaker: Yousuke Utsumi

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Thursday, 02/25/21


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