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Haunted Humanity: The Fringe Is Not Fringe, and That’s a Big Deal

humanity and critical thinking

Paranormal, pseudoscientific, and fringe beliefs are chronically understudied major aspects of the human condition and significant drivers of world events since antiquity. He explores why baseless beliefs are consistently dismissed until it is too late, and why we are so often unprepared for events we were warned about, from climate change to pandemics to the ascendancy of paranoid conspiracy theories in American politics. Paranormal and similar weird beliefs are neither a “rising tide” nor a winnable battle, but a challenging endemic reality that must be continually faced and managed. ¿What would it take to get serious about the overlooked central role that weird beliefs play in shaping society?

Speaker:Daniel Loxton is a Canadian writer and illustrator who studies allegedly paranormal and other fringe claims for the nonprofit Skeptics Society.

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Thursday, 03/11/21


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