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Solar Safe Water For All - Livestream

In honor of Women’s History Month and World Water Day, join us for an exciting talk from the founder of Solvatten, Petra Wadstrom. She will talk about her company’s solar safe water system, that provides people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally friendly way.

Solvatten (Swedish for “Sun Water”) Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Sweden, Solvatten AB is a social enterprise that develops the Solvatten Solar Safe Water System, a cost-effective solution for use at the household level for millions of people living off-grid in the developing world. Two charitable organizations support these efforts: Solvatten Charitable Foundation Sweden and Solvatten Charitable Foundation USA. Solvatten’s mission is to provide people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally friendly way.

The Problem: Lack of safe water, poor hygiene and poor health are daily challenges for millions of people living in poverty. Worldwide, one out of eight people live without access to safe water at home. Those same people are dependent on firewood and charcoal for boiling and treating their water. Our Approach: Solvatten reaches people in need through partnerships and support from individuals, businesses and organizations that value the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Since our start, we have provided safe and hot water to over 400,000 people in more than 20 countries.

Solvatten was designed specifically for portable use in hard-to-reach parts of the world where access to clean water is scarce. While there are larger-scale solutions which require complicated infrastructure and maintenance, Solvatten’s solution is a simple, easy-to-use jerrycan designed for families in remote villages with limited resources. Benefits of Solvatten:

  • reduces the risk of waterborne diseases
  • reduces the risk of lung-related diseases, greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation by decreasing the need to rely on charcoal and firewood for boiling water
  • strengthens the household economy by providing more time for men and women to work
  • improves school attendance by keeping children healthy and reducing their need to walk for miles to gather firewood
  • improves the safety of women and children who often travel to isolated areas to collect firewood and water
  • helps empower women by giving girls more time to go to school and women more time to work outside the home.

Speaker: Petra Wadström, Solvatten

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Saturday, 03/27/21


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