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Searching for the Darkest Galaxies: Ultra-Faint Dwarfs as Dark Matter Laboratories - Livestream

How small is the faintest galaxy in the Universe, and what is the nature of the dark matter particle? These seemingly unrelated questions are brought together by so-called "ultra-faint" dwarf galaxies (UFDs). The smallest UFDs contain as few as hundreds of stars and are the most dark matter-dominated systems in the Universe. Modern photometric surveys revolutionized the search for UFDs, more than doubling our census of these extreme systems. Ethan will describe how UFDs provide pristine laboratories for measuring dark matter particle properties. Next-generation observational facilities including the Vera C. Rubin Observatory are expected to discover the entire population of nearby UFDs, pointing to a bright future for these dark galaxies.

Speaker: Ethan Nadler, Stanford University

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Saturday, 04/17/21


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