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Making Waves: Protecting Nature and Culture in Micronesia - Livestream

Climate change threatens the very existence of many small island nations. Sea-level rise, weather extremes and coral reef destruction caused by warming waters have driven untold destruction and outmigration, with some communities fleeing - literally - to higher ground.

Fighting for their collective survival, three small Pacific Island nations and two U.S. territories spanning over 2 million square miles of ocean launched the Micronesia Challenge in the mid-2000s to protect critical land and marine ecosystems by 2020 - reducing human impact that imperils reefs, coastlines and mountains. A strategic partner since the Challenge’s founding, The Nature Conservancy is working across Micronesia as this initiative launches bold new 2030 targets for people and nature.

Speakers: Kate Brown, Global Island Partnership; Willy Kostka, Micronesia Conservation Trust; Trina Leberer; The Nature Conservancy; Ben Doherty, "The Guardian", Moderator

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Thursday, 04/29/21


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