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Meet the San Francisco Garter Snake - Livestream

San Francisco Garter Snake

Did you know that the San Francisco Peninsula has its very own special snake? Join Peninsula Open Space Trust in welcoming US Geological Survey (USGS) researchers Richard Kim and Elliot Schoenig who will share their knowledge of this elusive and beautiful local snake. You’ll hear about how the USGS, in partnership with POST and other organizations, has been conducting research and habitat restoration activities around ponds on the Peninsula that are the snake’s preferred habitat.

Sadly, the SF garter snake is still federally listed as an endangered species. And what makes things even more complicated, one of their favorite meals is the California red-legged frog, federally listed as a threatened species! But with partnerships and dedication, we hope to continue the recovery of this striking blue, orange and black snake.

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Friday, 07/16/21


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