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Ask Us Anything: A Special Q&A SETI Talk - Livestream

  • How might we find life beneath the surface of Mars?
  • Is there life in Europa’s ocean?
  • Which exoplanet is the most habitable?
  • How do we search for technosignatures with the Allen Telescope Array?
  • Will we find life in our solar system or our galaxy?
  • What is the daily routine of a SETI Institute researcher?

These are questions that you might want to ask our scientists but never had the chance. Until now. On June 29 at noon PT, we have gathered a special panel of SETI Institute scientists to answer all your questions: Paul Dalba,  Lori Fenton, Agata Zupanska, and Chenoa Tremblay.

We’ll provide several ways to ask questions, but if you want to know the answers, you’ll have to come to this month’s SETI Talks!

  • Several days before the live event, we’ll post a place on social media where you can ask questions in advance
  • When you register, we’ll give you an email where you can send questions in advance
  • We’ll take questions during the live event

This talk will be moderated by SETI Intitute planetary astronomer, Franck Marchis.

Register at weblink to receive connection information and to submit questions.

Wednesday, 06/29/22


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